Tweet Button Showing 0 Counts



I know this problem has been asked a fair few times already but none of the fixes have had any effect.

Here is a url of the button I’m putting in:-

That is loaded into an iFrame.

I’ve checked the API calls and the Twitter JSON call does return a 0 on the count, yet if you click on the 0 you can see a few tweets in there. I’ve also checked the HTML head and that is supposedly fine. I’ve tried adding different items but nothing seems to be working. Hoping someone can help.



However, I’m having the same problem.

You might need to set the data-counturl parameter. See here:

However, even after setting it, my counter stays stuck at zero:

Help appreciated.


Hey, exact same situation here. I’ve tried setting the data-counturl to no avail.


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not fixed it yet?? same problem here. can get a twitter developer help for this issue?

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