Tweet button posts in Danish?


I’m testing out the Tweet button on my site and the tweets I make show up on Twitter with a little globe on the corner that on mouseover becomes a “View translation” link. Clicking that link shows the tweet is being “Translated from Danish by Bing”. Wha…?

Here’s an example of the code I’m using:


It’s for this URL:

I’ve tried putting a data-lang=“en” attribute into the a tag but it still does the Danish thing.
My html tag has a lang=“en” attribute as well.
Charset is utf-8.
I have the script portion at the bottom of the page, before the closing body tag, but that shouldn’t matter.
I’m using ColdFusion to generate the text that ends up in the data-text attribute.
The site’s server is in Arizona.

Not all of my Tweet buttons are doing this. For example, this one’s fine:
But, then, this one also decides on Danish:
They’re all generated from the same CFML file.

That’s all I can think of that might possibly have anything to do with this phenomenon.

I didn’t see anyone else with this problem, so I’m guessing it’s something super obvious that I’m not seeing. Any help?