Tweet button on multiple pages


I think I have a couple of issues going on here
All I’m trying to do is set a Tweet button on every page in the website.

  1. Page one shows the button but all other pages show text only. I did briefly see a mention of this somewhere but there’s so much info out there I can’t find it again.I’ve copied the code to each one in turn. Ideally each page should have it’s own.
  2. When I first got the code it appears not to have picked up the script!? So it looks like it’s working on the live page, but it isn’t.
  3. Going back to Twitter and trying to set up another button and get fresh code I get ZERO code in the box??? Does Twitter block me downloading 2 buttons? Can’t think it would.
    Sorry if these are all basic idiot questions but it’s doing my head in.


That’s odd. Are you pasting the same HTML snippet into every page? There’s nothing specific to the page in the code we generate for you. Are you able to point me at an example site?


Here you go
Only have the 1 line of code and examples I’ve seen here have th script as well. Wouldn’t be so bad if I could only create a new button here. Am I right in thinking it’s probably best to have several specific button such as info and help areas?


It looks like you only have the script tag on the index page, and not on other pages. That will prevent the button from displaying correctly on those pages.

It really is up to you whether you choose to use different buttons, using the same button across the site should work just fine.


Thank you so much.
This looks like the one !! (below)
Totally missed seeing it. Get to a point sometimes the longer you look, the less you see.
Where best to place it when copying?
Ideally I’d like it near the Twitter and FB buttons so I know where everything is.
Any problems with that?



That should work fine, as it does on your front page. It doesn’t matter too much. Many people put tags in the header or footer of their pages, but the browser generally doesn’t mind too much.


One more thing - when I clicked on the button on your homepage, I got a Tweet window with text content that overflowed the Tweet 140 character limit. That’s because you’ve just got it inserting the title of your page, which is quite long.

You might want to use the data-text field in the anchor tag to customise the text on a per-page basis, like this:



Thank you so much for helping out here.
My problem originated from an earlier site layout before things go moved around. Entirely my fault.
Once I get the script into each pages I’ll customise the text message as sugested.


great stuff, happy to help! Good like with the site and the business!


How can I remove tweet text from the tweet button.

Is it possible?

I want only the bird icon thats it…


if you are using our Tweet button then no, that is included in the styling.