Tweet Button not Working .. Waiting for


Hi all,

I have a tweet button integrated into my blogger based .
It was configured via and I worked with the relevant data:exp attributes for blogger to pass the page url and title:


While loading the page “chrome” hangs with the following status in the status line:
“Waiting for …”

Any idea what could be the reason?
I am not 100% sure but I believe everything started making troubles with the switch to the 1.1 API…


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Hi Markus,

I’ve noticed the same thing, it looks like it’s either Twitter or my ISP (Be/o2/Sky in the UK) detecting that i’m using a mobile browser and injecting the Bytemobile mobile compression js file ( - the issue seems to be that this file can only be accessed from certain mobile networks otherwise it just hangs on loading.

It is apparently possible to disable loading of this file ( although doing that may well make your site take longer to load on 3G connections.

Unfortunately I have the same ISP at home as we do at work, and my only other option is 3G which injects the javascript file anyway, so as I mentioned it’s hard for me to detect who is actually injecting this file - if anyone from Twitter is reading, is it you guys??




It doesn’t sound like anything Twitter would be adding itself.


I used chrome’s remote debug tool to look at what was causing the loading delay, and it says that the initiator for bmi.js from is tweet_button.1379634856.html with


Being added to the start and end - agreed it doesn’t sound like anything Twitter would be adding, but if it’s happened across a couple of different ISPs (well at least mine and by the sound of it Markus’s as well), and also seems only to be affecting tweet_button.1379634856.html it seems pretty weird!


I’ll see if someone can take a look at this further. The IP address seems like something inserted by ISPs for sure.

There’s some more discussion here that might be interesting to you:


Thanks - the main reason I raise it here is it seems to be affecting Twitter in particular - the annoying thing is on an actual 3G mobile connection it is fine as the javascript file loads, but something somewhere is assuming that chrome on my phone is on a mobile network even when it’s using regular broadband over wifi (it could even be Chrome itself, again it’s hard to tell!).