Tweet button not showing


I’m trying to add the Tweet button (for sharing URLs) on a website, but the Twitter button never shows up. Instead, all I see is the text underlined as a standard hyperlink.

At this stage I simply have

…although I’ve placed widgets.js as the final element before .

Using Firebug, I can see that widgets.js IS loading, but it appears to have no effect on the anchor tag.

Can anyone explain why I’m not seeing the blue “Tweet” as I expected?


Maybe I should also add that I’m currently building using http://localhost… in case that makes a difference.


hi , I’m facing the same problem , have you solve this problem? if yes , how?


try to add “https:” to "//"
it worked fine for me !


“http:” works as well


Great tip, they should change their documentation for twitter buttons, with this. Tks


Thanks so Much, you are life saver!! and time saver too!!!


puff…I had the same issue.


Thanks lama and Maciej - perfect!


my tweet button counting not working in firefox