Tweet button is linking to twitter instead of my client's website


The tweet button on the bottom of my clients page (here:, when clicked opens a pop-up to tweet a link to Twitter, instead of to his website.

My client’s goal is to display a tweet with the text “This about page is inspiring!” and a link to the about page.

Can you please tell me what we need to fix in our code to make the tweet button work properly?

Thanks in advance,

  • Josiah


You appear to have copy pasted a code snippet from the documentation, so you’ve hard-coded the URL to dev.twitter, and other example content. To set the text you need to use data-text="", not the inner-text of the element.

This about me page is inspiring!

Try using the Tweet Button configurator tool to generate your button instead:


Hi Ben,

Thank you so much for the quick reply! This information is perfect, and very helpful!

Hope you have an awesome day :slight_smile: