Tweet Button including only site base url, but not post permalink


So I’ve included the code for the Tweet button on my blog. I was expecting the Tweet button share dialog to display the post permalink URL, but it only displays the base site URL, like so:

Making Gravlax - Part 1 | Joel Andrew Glovier (JAG), designer, developer, and lots of other things. via @jglovier

…even though the page URL that this button is lives on is:

Here’s the markup I’m using in my jekyll template:

So what do I need to do so that the full post URL is displayed in the share dialog, and not just the base site URL?



Turns out this was happening because I had a broken canonical meta tag. The value in my canonical tag was putting out for every page of the site. When I appended the proper permalink structure to the value in the tag it now shows the correct tweet value.