Tweet Button in Iframe gives access denied


Tweet button works fine on two of my computers but on a Mac running safari, when you click on the tweet button on my website, an access denied message appears in the iframe


+1, access denied message and return error 403


This is happening for my users too. And tickets from users are piling up. Following link shows how it looks on Firebug - Below is list of browsers where it works and where it does not work


Chrome and Firefox on OSx Lion
IE9 on Windows 9

Does not work

Firefox 10 on Windows 7
Safari 5.1.3 on OSx Lion

Src of iFrame


And now it is happening on Chrome on OSx Lion. And it looks ugly. Guys, please do something to fix this.


Thanks for reporting this issue.

We have deployed a fix which should address this issue. Can you please clear your browser cache and then confirm that you are now seeing the correct behavior on your websites?


i’m still seeing this in chrome and safari after clearing my cache. firefox seems to be working.


Thanks for looking into this, but I’m still getting that error even after clearing the cache in Chrome.


This issue only occur if you use the iframe version of the button. The javascript version still works!


same problem on Firefox 10.0.2


If you are hotlinking directly to an iframe, please ensure that you are linking to:

Widgets embeded via the widgets.js have a caching hash, which may break if you attempt to hotlink to.


Same problem here.


Same problem here. Getting AccessDeniedAccess on OS X Lion - Chrome, Safari, Firefox. You can check out the problem @ This is really very annoying. Can somebody please let me know whats the cause/solution?


Resolved the issue, after cleaning the cache couple of times.


i`m getting “AccessDeniedAccess” on iframe version of button, using FF10.
clear cache done, and still.
Any ideas ?
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