Tweet Button in IE7


In IE7 tweet button is not showing instead a link appear.

This is the URL where I’ve added tweet button

It is working fine in all the other browsers except IE7

Is there some resolution for this?

Thanks in advance


Hi @ocwqa,

Can you tell me a bit more about how you’re loading the Tweet Button? Are you using the IFRAME approach? Are there any identifiable Javascript errors being thrown in your browser?


I am having the same problem as above. I pasted the code exactly as it is given to me onto my site. The “follow @iguana_design” button shows up and works great in firefox etc. but in IE7 it simply shows up as a blue hyperlink with the text “Follow @iguana_design” instead of the button.


I’m also having the same problem. Using the code supplied here:

Works in all browsers except IE7.