Tweet button events not firing in Internet Explorer 9


This has previously been reported as issue 88 and supposedly fixed (by saying it was down to a missing doctype)

But it does not work for me in Internet Explorer 9, irrespective of the doctype

The bug is that tweet button events are not firing - ie that‘tweet’, …) is not working

There is a simple test page here:

It works OK in Firefox but not in Internet Explorer 9

Is this a bug in the code - or is there something wrong with my HTML page?


Same here. Tweet event is not firing in IE9. Tried all suggestions I googled, including adding DOCTYPE and making sure it’s the first element on the page - doesn’t work.

Works fine in Chrome, Safari and FF


We also have the same issue with tweet button on ie9 , saying array is undefined.


The tweet button in the Google toolbar works for sharing a webpage to
twitter. I’ve tried other widgets/buttons without success.


I am under the same experience using IE 8.0.7600.16385. So far I could twit twice by indirect ways it seemed, I didn’t have the occasion to become handy at this all yet.

I fear to be mistaken for a spammer because I am often refreshing pages to show just the toolbar and background. To no avail until today, glad I found this topic finally.

There is this “error on the page” thing. Hope it get fixed :wink:


“It works OK in Firefox but not in Internet Explorer 9”


I’m not saying, I froze at the hundreds of MB from MS update to grant my pc IE9. No not that way thanks.


I, erm, fixed the issue by installing Firefox. My twitter seems normal finally.


I am experiencing the same problem in IE. Any ideas on how you guys, fix it?


I am experiencing the same issue! Must have been a silent release!