Tweet button does not let me amend text


Since last Friday, every time I’ve tried to tweet a story from our website, I haven’t been able to make any changes to the text (I usually add hash tags, delete parts of the headline and mention people). Is this a Twitter issue or a website issue, and how can we solve it?


I don’t see a Tweet Button on that page. What are the steps you take to have this problem?


No the tweet button is at the bottom of every article once you click on the headline (it’s a subscription only website, but here is a free article so you can check

I click on the tweet button and change the text inside the box, but when I click on “Tweet”, the text amendments disappear from the actual tweet.


Unfortunately I still don’t see a Tweet Button at that URL either. Can you share the HTML you’re using to invoke the Tweet Button and include it in your page?


I am having the same problem. If I wish to share an article by using the Twitter button that the author has provided I am unable to amend the tweet (I like to put a personal note at the front and often wish to tag someone). It looks fine when I do it but when it publishes it looks just like a RT with none of my amendments. This just started happening a couple of days ago.


I just asked the person who takes care of our website, and this is what he said: We are using

Share The buttons are built using the extrenal javascript file below

I hope this answers your question?


Thanks, @gtreview – You’re using the AddThis share service which wraps the Tweet Button. I would follow up with the AddThis folks to find out what’s amiss here – there may be some interaction with other code on your page or a problem with AddThis’ implementation.


Great, thanks Taylor, we’ll refer this to AddThis then.

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