Tweet button: data-text configure not working


Hi : I am just using “Tweet Button” as listed on the documentation ( Despite configuring the “data-text” parameter to a default text, empty text is turning up at the share window after I log in. The code I am using is -


Where I am going wrong? I ran on the browsers Safari, Firefox, Chrome. Thank you.


Works for me in Chrome. By any chance are you just opening this from a file:/// URL? You need to host the Tweet button from an HTTP URL, not the local filesystem.


Thank you Kurrik. I was testing on my local system. It is working after hosting. I have another doubt. I would like the user to share from my site. Once shared, I would like to force log off the user and bring back to my application. How can this be achieved ? Thank you once again.


The Tweet button opens a popup, so once the user is done sharing, the window should close and focus should return to your site.


I noticeed as of today, on 10/20/12, I was not able to “tweet” comments as usual. The “tweet” button/key was “faded” or was not posting my tweets.




Once done sharing, the window should close without log off the user. How do we log off before closing the window? Is is possible to log off before closing the window?


The tweet button has disappeared from my Twitter site. Just - GONE. No help from Twitter after several attempts - they are useless. 4 weeks later - still GONE. What happened and what can I do? email: