Tweet button Counting


I am having a slight problem understanding how the tweet button counter works. I added a tweet button to my blog. I wanted the button to be available for every post that i make so I added it before <data:post.body/> tag in the HTML of my blog (blog is hosted on blogger).
I clicked tweet on the post and it worked fine. Now the problem that i am facing is :

  1. When i go to my blog, and scroll down to the post, the tweet counter says “0” tweets. But when i go to the individual post, it shows tweet count as 1.
    for e.g. on my blog all tweets are at 0. However if i see an individual post such as “” the tweet counter is 1.

Am i doing some thing wrong here? Should i add the twitter code to some other section in the HTML or is this a bug?


It looks like that right now you’re just putting a tweet button next to each post, but without configuring the tweet button to be aware of each post’s different URLs…

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