Tweet button count not representing number of tweets / using approximate count steps?


At, we’re trying to include a Tweet button for each offer. While working nicely in principle, the counting of how many times people have tweeted a certain offer seems to be broken. We’ve tried everything we could think of, so I’m hoping someone here can shed some light what we’re doing wrong.

We’re including the javascript version of the button with a URL like this: #Deal: Star Wars: The Old Republic CE. Collectors Edition nur 136,95€ (DE) . Erlebe die Weiten der Star ...

When tweeting a new offer (with no tweets yet), we’re seeing one of the following behaviours:

  • After tweeting, the number doesn’t go up initially. After some waiting, the tweet count will go up to 2, and searching for the tweets (by clicking on the count box) will show the correct tweet, and in addition sometimes a tweet that doesn’t have anything to do with hitfox, usually something with hotels like this one: (tweet #158216893692526592): “SPRING BREAK is right around the corner! Don’t get left at home–grab your friends & book your #Vegas getaway now!” Also, this hotel tweet will sometimes show up in the search for “our” tweet, sometimes not, but the count will stay at 2.
  • After tweeting, the count doesn’t go up at all, even after waiting for some time (minutes up to an hour). When then tweeting another time, the count may sometimes go up to 4. Searching for the tweet shows 2 results (our 2 tweets). I’ve tested tweeting up to 5 times, and while the search is showing the tweets fast and correctly, the count stays at 4.

Edit: After tweeting the sixth time, the count went up to 10…

I understand that twitter is caching the hell out of everything to be able to handle its traffic. But surely the count should be correct sometimes ? Is twitter simply using discrete steps for small tweet counts (in which case it should be mentioned in the docs), or are we doing something wrong ?


Possibly similar problems:


Thank you for the very detailed report, @MappTapp – I have our engineering team investigating this and the other occurrences of somewhat erratic count reporting.


Great !


I somehow stumbled upon a count link link :

The actual URL I shared :

Below are the count number

Is it possible that twitter is counting the URL removing any query parameter whatsoever. I do not know that this is similar to yours or not.
But I will update my finding here


Now my problem is similar to you guys !


Hi, I have similar issues with the count not being updated immediately after a tweet has been posted. However, with in one or one and half hour, count is incremented. Is there any caching attribute that i need to use to update the count immediately?
Is there any issue with the count of tweets.

Here is how i am using it.

I using Ajax call to populate twitter image.

var twitterImage2 = ‘<a class=“twitter-share-button” data-text="’+twitterJobText+’" href=“” data-url="’+url+’" counturl="’+url+’" data-counturl="’+url+’"’+’>Tweet’;
document.getElementById(“twitterImage2”).innerHTML = twitterImage2;



Like most things on Twitter besides the delivery of tweets themselves, the Tweet counts are cached and “eventually consistent” – they update when they update


I’m seeing very troubling results for the tweet button on our home page: If I set the “data-counturl” attribute excluding the “www.” in our domain, I get a count of 0, but when I click the 0, I see many results. If I include the “www.” in the domain for the data-counturl attribute, then I get what seems to be a more accurate count of recent tweets about the domain (around 30) but then when I click the 30 to see the results, I only get 1 search result from several months ago.

I’ve tried to dm @Support but have received no response. What’s the best way for me to figure out how to fix this? Is there a data-searchurl attribute I can use so I can get an accurate tweet count, and correct search results? Every link that we (organizationally) share, includes the “www.” so I don’t understand why twitter search is ignoring all the tweets that include the “www.”.


Hi @kurrik,

We are also seeing issue with Tweet counter on our blog here: The count does not seem to increase despite tweeting multiple times. It was working fine till couple of months back but now we are continuously losing it for some unknown reason. Can you please look into and suggest a solution?



@mattcowgur Matthew Cowgur
Even i am facing same problem. if you find solution pls revert it.