Tweet Button count for one particular page stuck on zero


Firstly, sorry. I know there are have been lots of discussions around this problem. I’ve searched extensively but can’t find a solution. I don’t think I completely understand how Twitter calculates the count. If anyone here could help me it would be very much appreciated.

The page I’m having problems with is this one: and it’s particularly frustrating as (by my pokey little blog’s standards) it’s been tweeted quite a few times. I had a standard Tweet button (directly from Twitter’s generator) on the page and when that wasn’t working I replaced it with this one: . This isn’t working either.

I know the article has been tweeted and retweeted numerous times. I use the Disqus comment system on my blog and this displays “Reactions” (see the bottom of the comments). Disqus is currently picking up 6 tweets which mention the post. I’ve also checked bitly and that counts 13 tweets for the URL (although this isn’t correct either as it only seems to be counting REtweets and not the original tweets). I thought maybe it was just the tweet button count that was broken but I tried doing a twitter search and checked but both show 0.

I know you can manually feed the tweet button additional URLs to count but I don’t quite know how I’m supposed to find out what all of the URLs are. If someone manually copies the URL from their browser and pastes it into their Twitter client this will (I assume) create a new bitly URL which I can’t know about.

As you can see, I’m in a bit of a mess! :slight_smile: Maybe I’m completely misunderstanding how this works. Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated.


Can anyone help me with this?


Hi there,

Did you put the tweet button on your page before or after this popular article was published? I can’t find any links to it on Twitter right now explicitly. We’re getting better with counting tweets with specific links every day, but there are still some historical cases where we’ll not have had the right awareness.

Are there more recent articles that you’re having this same difficulty with? If so, I can help debug from one of those a bit easier.


Hi Taylor. Thanks for your reply.

I’ve had a button on all my articles since I started the site. The count on an article I published since and all the ones before seem to be fine. It’s just that one I published last week that there’s a problem with.

There are definately tweets to the article. I have personally seen several from people I follow as well as the counts on bitly and the ‘reactions’ that Disqus is picking up (see the bottom of the page).

Any ideas?


I tweeted this URL from my @oauth_dancer account and after the cache had a chance to clear up, your numbers have begun incrementing. I’m not sure why it didn’t find earlier instances of your URL, but it looks like you may have some misconfiguration of the Tweet Button on your site.

Right now, the page is generating a link to the share intent (part of the Tweet Button) like this:

Notice that the URL field isn’t being populated with the URL for the page (but counturl is) – this will cause people using the tweet button on this page to not actually tweet a link back to your page, as the URL won’t be included in the tweet. It’s also not a good idea to include parameters that you aren’t providing values fro (like the “via” parameter)

Hope this helps.


Thanks again Taylor. Really appreciate your time. I’ve now corrected the button so that those fields are populated properly. Any idea why it’s suddenly started picking up new tweets? And now that it’s started, do you think it will ever detect the old ones or are they lost in the ether forever?

I have no idea why this problem is only affecting this one page. The tweet button code is identical on all of them. Now that those problems you pointed out are fixed, is there actually a problem with the button or is it something wrong on Twitter’s end? Is there a way to completely clear Twitter’s cache and have it recount everything from scratch? Would something like that even help?


Our counting capabilities are always improving… I’m not sure why that page was misconfigured that way, but ultimately the part of our system that does the counting of tweets wasn’t made aware of this URL the way it would have been had the Tweet Button been used without the little errors. So it didn’t count them… and now that the underlying system is more aware of your URL, it only has the Search index to backfill its count from, which is limited to just a few days worth of data.

Hopefully you won’t see issues like this in the future.


how can i restart my tweets to zero? i deleted all but say still have 22,000


Hello @episod (Taylor Singletary), I’ve been having a similar problem with the count button.
We do have a pre-production site and the production site.
Its actually driving me crazy the fact that preprod site does the count but it does not bring any search tweets and production site does not count at all. Same code for both of them.

Pre-prod site:

Is there a way you can let me know what the problem is and what are we doing wrong?
If you need more information on what is the data Im using, please let me know.

I will appreciate if you can help me. I’ve struggling with this for days…

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:


gak tau yg pnting nyob