Tweet button count does not update for secure Convio pages


We’ve implemented Tweet button on a number of petition and donation pages hosted in Convio.

The counts are not updating in the Tweet button. Whether we use a link shortener such as or or we use the entire link, the count will not update.

Is this something that can be edited in the body or header of the page, or is it an inherent problem with ?


The problem here is that your data URL points at a link, but Twitter will resolve all HTTP redirects in order to find out which URL count to increment.

So to use data-url=“” you’ll also need to specify a data-counturl parameter with the full link which resolves to, namely:


Thanks for your response, however we have tried this fix and it still does not update. You can see it live on this page we have specifically for testing:

This is the code for the tweet button on that page:


Clicking the number opens the search for the longform URL, but returns no matches (that actually link to the page). Searching for the link does return some tweets though. Here are screenshots:
Search longform link:
Search link:

Any further advice is appreciated!


@kurrik, I don’t quite understand something - if the tweet is going to show the url in it, for example “hey, check out”, than the count of tweets using the short url is what I want to show, as no one will have the long url in his tweet.