Tweet box problem on chrome and safari, and customized styles doesn't work on IE7/8


I was having problem of loading tweet box on chrome and safari. The problem was that I could only load tweet box at the first time after reloading the page. The site is built by jsp, xslt and ajax, and tweet box is injected to a light-box like popup layer once the our share button is triggered and popup layer is invoked. On a page we have many share buttons.

The tweet box works great on Firefox and IE9, the customized styles are ignored on IE7/8.

On chrome and safari, the tweet box can only appear on the popup layer at the first time when invoking the popup layer. It doesn’t appear on the second time. By looking at html, I found that the body and head element of tweet box iframe is empty on the second time. I have tried different approaches to solve this problem, and the way I used to solve this problem was to inject anywhere.js to head of html of the page once again once popup layer is invoked. I thought anywhere.js would be injected multiple times since there are many share buttons that can invoke popup layer, but there is always one anywhere.js in head. I don’t know why is that.