Tweet box on my website does not work


I tried to make tweet box on my website, but it does not work.

I filled out messege on my tweetbox, but the messege did not reflect the Twitter.

here’s my resorce.

here’s my result.

I got API key from

I use Consumer key, because I conuld’t find API key.

Is that correct?

I guess the problem is Access level.

Default Access type is Read-only.

How can I chenge to Read-Write?

I looked for any button on,
but I could not find.

Please help me.


It seems to work when I visit the website, make sure your javascript doesn’t get blocked by any browser extensions like Adblock.


Thanks for your reply. you right, javascript was disable on my browser.
But after I changed to enable, it still does not work.


Same problem here. Worked for months previously, and still works in Firefox but a no-go in IE9. Not even with compatibility turned on.


I submitted a ticket to Twitter. We’ll see.


You can change the permission level of your application by going to your application’s details page – the Settings tab for your application has a section called “Permission Level.”

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