Tweet appears spammy or unsafe - we are blocked, but are a safe website. Please help!



Our website for the past roughly 3 or 4 weeks has been blocked by Twitter. We get this message when trying to post a tweet with our URL:

Oops! A URL in your tweet appears to link to a page that has spammy or unsafe content.

I checked Google and we are rated as a safe website with no malware. Can you please unblock us?



Please write to with details on your domain to contact the team responsible for resolving these issues.


I’ve emailed them several times without reply.


Please help!


yay same here… what’s happening?


YaY same Here


Same here. What’s the point of sending your details, if Twitter doesn’t respond or do anything about it. I went through all the tests Twitter provided, proving that my site is NOT spammy, and yet, they have not removed the block. What is up with that?


How long it took to resolve your issue?


same issue our website is also facing same issue users cant tweet content from website. I have submitted ticket week ago still no reply from twitter support team.