Tweet an image from the website



I have just started to host a webcam feed (of mountains in North Wales, )

I want people to be able to share the image, but cannot find a good enough way.

I have made a twitter card, but the card is not expanded and the image is not seen by the majority of people who don’t expand the card.

I have read that the card is expanded if the picture is hosted by twitter’s media servers.
I have tried experimenting with uploading the image to twitter via the media upload, but can’t find a way of adding the media item ID into a button or web intent for the user to click.

Are there any ways to do this?

I realise that I can do a full OAuth authorisation to just upload and post on their behalf but this is a lot just to get an image shared.

Thanks for any insight…



The Tweet web intent composer does not support media uploads.


Thanks Niall.

I figured this. Do I have any other options? The facebook integration for my page is great, but the twitter one I think could be much better. Any other routes or workarounds?

I am able to push the image into twittter and get an ID for the media item. Is there a way to use this image ID to create an image URL?



A media_id returned by Twitter’s upload endpoints will expire in 60 minutes if not attached to a status update API request. The Tweet web intent does not accept media_ids.


Thanks for your response Niall.

Are there any other ways to achieve what I want to do?

I’m happy to be creative!!




I been looking for something like this as well. We have a lot of images and our customer wants users to be able to tweet an image - not just text. Is something like this in the works?