Tweet an animated GIF programmaticaly


On my website, I generate animated GIFs that users can watch and share. I would like them to, by a simple click of a button, tweet this GIF with a description and hashtags. I have a custom button that refer to “” with my parameters.

Here are the codes :
(php code)


And the file at the url $wayToGif (html file) :


Actually, this give me a card with a static image (the first of my GIF).
I would like to generate the same card but with my animated gif, and not a static image.
I think a have to use REST API, but i don’t know how.

Please, can anyone guide me in using REST API or give me another way to do?


Yes, you need to use the REST API. Since you aren’t familiar with it, you may be best off using something like @abraham’s library:


Thank you for your fast answer.

Is it possible to only use abraham’s library to upload my animated gif and use an URL or metaData to tweet it ?
On the other hand, I don’t understand how to get user acces to handle him to tweet as himself (the token and token_secret I supposed).


You would need to implement a sign in with Twitter flow in order to have the user authenticate to their Twitter account.


Read through, mostly the “Authorization Flow” section and then the “Media” section.


It seems that I have a problem with the libraries. I’ve identified the problem in the oauth/request. The library is reachable, I can create TwitterOAuth object…

Here is the php code :

$connexion =  new TwitterOAuth($CONSUMER_KEY, $CONSUMER_KEY_SECRET);  // My apps keys
$oauth_callback = urlencode($call_back_url);      //$call_back_url =

$tok = twitter_get_user_token();

function twitter_get_user_token(){
	$request_token = $connexion->oauth('oauth/request_token', array('oauth_callback' => $oauth_callback));     <--- Here is the problem
	return $request_token; 

Any ideas ?

print_r($connexion) give me this :

Abraham\TwitterOAuth\TwitterOAuth Object ( [response:Abraham\TwitterOAuth\TwitterOAuth:private] => Abraham\TwitterOAuth\Response Object ( [apiPath:Abraham\TwitterOAuth\Response:private] => [httpCode:Abraham\TwitterOAuth\Response:private] => 0 [headers:Abraham\TwitterOAuth\Response:private] => Array ( ) [body:Abraham\TwitterOAuth\Response:private] => Array ( ) [xHeaders:Abraham\TwitterOAuth\Response:private] => Array ( ) ) [bearer:Abraham\TwitterOAuth\TwitterOAuth:private] => [consumer:Abraham\TwitterOAuth\TwitterOAuth:private] => Abraham\TwitterOAuth\Consumer Object ( [key] => [secret] => [callbackUrl] => ) [token:Abraham\TwitterOAuth\TwitterOAuth:private] => [signatureMethod:Abraham\TwitterOAuth\TwitterOAuth:private] => Abraham\TwitterOAuth\HmacSha1 Object ( ) [timeout:protected] => 5 [connectionTimeout:protected] => 5 [decodeJsonAsArray:protected] => [userAgent:protected] => TwitterOAuth (+ [proxy:protected] => Array ( ) [gzipEncoding:protected] => 1 )


I finally found where my error came from.

In my call

	$request_token = $connexion->oauth('oauth/request_token', array('oauth_callback' => $oauth_callback));     <--- Here is the problem

TwitterOAuth’s function oauth() throw me an error that I wasn’t handling.

 if ($this->getLastHttpCode() != 200) {
    throw new TwitterOAuthException($result);

After some research, it seems that my Apps can’t get a connection with twitter’s API.

I finaly choose an other way, using only meta data with my code in the first post :

My button (php code) :

		'Twitter' .

And my display (html code) :

		You all know what is it

Thank you for your help.


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