Tweet activity analytics data from Ads API



i got access of ads api so how can get data of users analytics data exp. (impression, link click, engagement ) i read twitter ads document there are matrices of (promoted_tweet_search_url_clicks + promoted_tweet_timeline_url_clicks + promoted_tweet_profile_url_clicks) but i have not promoted tweet so it is possible get all analytics single tweets without pay account for promoted (fee) please give me idea how can i do this.


Hi @sagar61226555! First of all, you’re looking at the v0 of the Ads API and you should be looking at the v1. Secondly, the Ads API is only for promoted tweets, not for regular tweets. For regular tweets you should take a look at the REST API and see what data it gives you.


Hi Majoritasdev, Thanks to reply I have some questions

  1. how can i get user analytics data (impression, link click, engagement ) ?
  2. REST API provide this data of user analytics ?
  3. You means i have create Promoted tweets account ?
    I hope you can understand what i am saying…


Hi @sagar61226555. Impressions, link clicks, engagement etc. are tweet-related metrics, not user(/account)-related metrics, if I’m not wrong.

Yes, in order to promote tweets and get analytics data about their performance you need to create an advertising account, create a campaign and create some tweets and promote them or promote some existing tweets.

I hope this clarifies things for you…


If you want this kind of data without using the Ads API to promote Tweets, you need to use the commercial Gnip Engagement API. Note that this only works for accounts that you own / have a user context for (which is the same as the Ads API) - that data is not generally available on “any” account.

Alternatively, if you do not need API access, you can simply use the dashboard to look at the data.