Tweet activity analytics data from Ads API



I got an access to the Ads API. Can someone please tell me what data can be extracted from the Ads API? And is it possible to get tweet activity analytics data. The data from the below link through the API?


Is only possible to retrieve Advertising metrics.

Here you have the possibilities:


Thanks Borras. I cannot retrieve any of them. I have already tried from a different account. Do these metrics constitute the tweet activity data that I am talking about?


Hi @Sangs! What kind of data are you referring to exactly? What metrics for example?


I really don’t know what metrics are those. But when you go to and then go to the tweets tab, you get to see a dashboard. I want those metrics from the API. Is it available?


What names appear in that dashboard, in the column headings? Is it impressions, website clicks, what is it?


Here you go:
Tweet id,Tweet permalink,Tweet text,time,impressions,engagements,engagement rate,retweets,replies, likes, user profile clicks,url clicks hashtag clicks,detail expands,permalink clicks,app opens,app installs, follows,email tweet,dial phone,media views,media engagements,promoted impressions,promoted engagements,promoted engagement rate,promoted retweets,promoted replies,promoted likes,promoted user, profile clicks,promoted url clicks,promoted hashtag clicks,promoted detail expands,promoted permalink clicks,promoted app opens,promoted app installs,promoted follows,promoted email tweet,promoted dial phone,promoted media views,promoted media engagements


Well, some of that data (like impressions, engagements, retweets, replies, likes etc.) can be retrieved using Ads API and some (like tweet text etc.) using the REST API. There are also some details (like dial phone, promoted dial phone) that I’ve never heard of. I’m afraid I can’t be of more help.


Okay. What language do you use for Ads API? I tried python and twurl. But it always said my account is unauthorized. This is despite me getting an email from the twitter API ream that they have given me access to the Ads API.


I use PHP. What is your exact error?