Here is a great way to donate to people a organizations simply and quickly.

“Tweet-A-Buck” should be a twitter feature where a user can send a specified amount of money to another user’s account. Let’s say a Dollar.

The application for this feature might be when public radio is programming between fundraisers, they might ask for listeners to “Tweet-a-Buck” if they liked the music they just heard. With a few taps on a smart phone or a few clicks on a computer a listener can send a Dollar in support.

There is an “impulse buy” aspect to this since it’s JUST a Dollar.

Developers of apps can use this feature. The app would be free but is you just used the app and you are happy then “Tweet-A-Buck” as a thanks for a nice app.

Organizations at parades and gatherings can easily collect donations from people in the crowd for just asking them to “Tweet-A-Buck”

Twitter would benefit from a modest handling fee. This would be a great revenue generator for Twitter!