Tweepy & Python 3 to scrape historical tweets and geographic information by keyword/hashtag



Hi there! I am completing a research project as described in the title (see bottom of the post for context). I am having a couple of problems:

  1. My application times out whenever I pass a parameter for “count” to the Tweepy.cursor object of greater than 1
  2. Searching tweets by keyword results in getting a ton of blank results or retweets that don’t return any new content, just “RT”
  3. How do I access data? I understand it’s stored in a nested dictionary, but what about the accessing the specific coordinates? Or a string for the country?

Thank you so much. Let me know if there is a better place for me to post this question.

The core of our research project is to analyze how digital technologies are giving indigenous peoples around the world a means through which they can make their voices heard on a global stage. Using technologies such as the Internet, people are able to coordinate their campaigns and protests to spur change. Increasingly,
indigenous peoples from around the world are no longer working in isolation but are collaborating across
social media, attracting international attention.

Data analysis of tweets will include collecting tweets with relevant hashtags, analyzing where and when these statuses were tweeted, and investigating correlations and relationships between different movements.