Tweepy : bound twitter search by date and time


I want to get tweets from tweepy using geolocation and date bounds.
I wrote this in my program:
for tweet in tweepy.Cursor(,q=‘flood’, since=‘2011-01-13’, max=‘2011-01-24’, geocode=“38.376,142.005,800km”, lang=‘en’).items():
print tweet
I am getting wrong outputs.
The outputs contains dates out of my bounds and no geographical location.
I also tried since_id and max_id and gave them twitter timestamps for the same dates. Again, similarly, I am getting wrong output.

Kindly tell what is the problem here?
Or should I use entirely different epproach?


Unfortunately you can’t get tweets older than about a week from the REST search API - so tweets from 2011 aren’t available (REST Search api is different to Search interface on the web).