TweepError: Application cannot perform write actions



Hi all,

My app has just been restricted to read only mode :confused:. I sent an email to support but it says it can take days to reply.

I even had some flags to prevent from hitting the limit:
api = tweepy.API(auth, retry_count=3, retry_delay=3, wait_on_rate_limit=True, wait_on_rate_limit_notify=True)

I need my script to send a handful of tweets, twice hourly. Surely this is not an issue.

My user base is counting on this functionality.

I can think of 1 reason why my app has been restricted:

  • competition reporting me as spam

I need to know exactly what caused that issue so I can prevent this from happening in the future.

How can I get a Twitter representative to help me out? This is urgent I use Twitter for my business and we’re heading to the weekend now. Please get in touch with me. I opened a ticket with the ContactPlatform but how can I interact with Twitter to explain my issue and have this done asap?

My error:

TweepError: [{u’message’: u’Application cannot perform write actions. Contact Twitter Platform Operations

Many thanks,



That depends on the contents of the Tweets - unsolicited @mentions, repeated use of URLs etc could easily lead to your app being marked as spam by our automated antispam system. Read our automation rules for more information.

Unfortunately at this stage you will need to wait for the platform support team to respond to your ticket / email, we cannot help with individual application issues on these forums.


Hello Andy,

Thank you for your reply. Please bare with me for a moment, apologies for this lengthy message, I have a few questions/comments.

  • I have received a reply from the platform support team asking me to reply to the email they sent with: “As a next step please respond to this email listing the measures that you have taken/plan to take to limit this behavior on your platform.”

When replying to the email as per requested, I get an automatic reply: “Twitter does not monitor emails sent to this address”

This is confusing. Any idea how I should go about it?

  • I use tweeter API to send alerts to my followers about a non-Twitter event. These alerts relate to a single twitter account so it seems ethical to mention that twitter account, it is also part of the business relationship I am trying to form with these users I am tweeting about. I also add 1 other mention to a business related twitter account and a few hashtags up to length limitation. It seems I am now stuck between either a write restriction or not being ethical as per described.

  • I have coded a unique feature in Python to achieve this and get a chance to compete against a gigantic competition. Most of my competition have 100k + followers and use @ mentions in mass. I am now reduced to manually send a few tweets against these giants until you guys lift the restriction.

  • Instead of sending numerous alerts, as I would love to, I have already capped these to a handful: it only polls 2 times an hour (my ideal would have been real time, numerous updates).

  • It would be nice to get a warning before being confronted to an outright restriction (just before the busy weekend starts…)

  • I need to know exactly how much I can leverage the API within the boundaries of what is accepted (frequency, wording). I have sent a sample template of text to the platform support with what I used to send, and what intend to send to resolve the issue.

  • I use Tweeter for business, it is vital to me to have this set up.

Please respond to me. Many thanks.

Have a nice weekend,