Turn off retweets in embedded timeline


I am trying to figure out if you can turn off retweets from appearing in an embedded timeline using the new widget, specifically the list widget. This was not an option in the old widget.

I turn off retweets on the members profile, and it does not appear in my list when I login, but it does appear in the widget that embeds in a website.

Is it possible to turn off retweets?


I am having the same issue. I use the below code (i remove the < > at the beginning and end so it would display here);

Tweets by @twitterapi

and would really like to be able to turn off the retweets within this widget.


I remove Retweets from my Embedded timelines by simply adding " -RT" to the search Query (obviously without the quotes and with the space before the RT)

Note: This will ony remove auto retweets, the quoted retweets will still display. Which for me is the correct behaviour. JMO


Thanks for the reply. Are you using the widget mentioned in the above, or are you using your own custom search? If you are using the widget code, how/where does your suggetsion go? Cheers.


Using the Widget code embedded in an html page. It goes in the search Query box
Ex :
#BB15 -RT
This will search for the hashtag BB15, without ReTweets

Try it in the Widget Configurator with just the #BB15 hashtag then and then add -RT and see the differance in the Configurator Preview


What is the “Search Query?”

Here is the code I’m using but for the life of me I have clue what part/piece is the “search query”

Tweets from @TorqueRT700/torque-drivers-teams


This widget you’re using appears to be a Twitter List timeline widget – so there is no search query. Search queries are associated with search widgets.


OK. then please point me in the right direction. What I want is to be able to have a twitter feed on my web site that populates with the tweets of teams and drivers using my product. How do I do that? Where do I get the widget code? Help me by showing me what to do not just telling me I have the wrong thing.



So is there a way to configure the Twitter List timeline widget to not include retweets? Or something I could change in widgets.js to prevent them from getting pulled in?


Go here:
enter the name of the person you want under People - > From these accounts
click the search button
list should populate with only tweets from that person
click the gearbox and select "embed this search"
copy it and paste into site


also be sure not to check include retweets


Good call on that @LpDeve ! great idea. of course you can’t put a follow button now, but it’s worth it to have it exactly with the tweets i want in there.


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When using the widget, if you only want tweets to show from the person, rather than putting “@username” in the search field, make it “from:username” (no quotes), it won’t show retweets.

If you want it from a list of certain users than the query would be:
“from:username1 OR from:username2 OR from:username3”