TUNE/Twitter Click Tracking


We are having an issue understanding how Twitter is passing click-times back to TUNE. When we look at TUNE actuals reports we see a lower number of post-click conversions, yet when we look at Conversions through the TUNE API, we see a much higher number of conversions that have an associated click time. We asked TUNE how they count clicks and told us that Twitter would have the answer


To clarify the issue. When looking at a given time window - reported conversions via Tune’s UI and API don’t match?

What does data source does Tune’s “actuals” report use?


Hi Josh,

So basically, we are looking at three sources to get post-click conversion numbers. Twitter’s UI, Tune’s UI, and Tune’s API. The numbers coming from Tune’s API show a post-click number that is substantially higher than the other 2 and more closely aligns with the total number (post-click + post-view). We reached out to Tune to ask how exactly they measure clicks, and got this response:

“If they send us a click marked as a click, then we will record that and attribute accordingly. Twitter would be the best source to ask what types of things they consider as clicks or as impressions as we will record the data as it is sent to us.”

Let me know if this helps!