Trying to understand scripting


Hi There

I am NOT a twitter dev, but I have lots of background in other types of development, I am a twitter account user .I have a large list of twitter IDS (comma separated) and All i want to do is use a script or call to put them on a list, (I want to do this to organize my resources better)

I have found a few “scripts” that can do this and I understand the syntax I am just not sure how to execute it on twitter,

Can anyone help me?

Thanks to all who read this!


Hey there, thanks for the question. It is a bit difficult to help without understanding what you want to script? Are you talking about a way to add a list of Twitter IDs (numeric or what we refer to as screen names -> textual user identifiers) to a Twitter list?

There are a bunch of scripting possibilities available but our own twurl command line tool is probably most useful.



The best way to describe it is to link you to something I saw on the web

Maybe if you see an example it will make sense!

I am guessing since I CREATED the list I am the authenticated user? After that I am lost as to how to proceed!


Anyone have any thoughts on the best way to continue with this?


The authenticated user is the user whose credentials you have used in the Oauth flow. You certainly cannot add members to a list you don’t own, so yes that should be you.



So is there a tutorial on how i can go about executing all this? Where does one start?


Should I repost this again under a different title, I could use some help!