Trying to re-find a "post Facebook statuses to Twitter" app


I have two different websites which each have a Facebook fan page and Twitter account associated with them. One of the websites’ Facebook fan page updates post automatically to Twitter, thanks to a little app called “Facebook to Twitter” that’s on the Twitter account listed under “Apps.” I would like for the other one to have this capability, too.

Trouble is, I have Googled, combed through Twitter’s help site, and combed through a lot of the developers’ pages on here, and still haven’t found this app or any documentation for it anywhere. This app was authorized back in 2009 and still works great–I just want that same functionality on the other Twitter account, too.

(Note: I am not looking for an app that posts Tweets to Facebook statuses; I’m specifically looking for the one that posts FB fan page updates to Twitter. I know this exists–I’ve got the proof sitting right on one of my Twitter accounts. I just want to find it again so I can install it!)

Many thanks to anyone who can help with this issue! :slight_smile: