Trying to put a Twitter Widget and a Follow button on my website and they aren't working?


I’m using Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 to build a website. I’m trying to put a Follow button on one page and the Twitter Widget from and neither show up. With the follow button, instead of there being a button, All I get is a link that says “follow andy7fold on twitter”. And with the widget all I get is a box that says twitter and “join the conversation.” I’ve been trying for almost an hour to try to get this to work. Any ideas?


Do you know if Dreamweaver does any kind of transformations to HTML or Javascript that you paste into your layouts? It may be easier for you to integrate these features in purely via HTML in a text editor.


I don’t know. I just opened the page I had wanted the Widget in with Notepad, entered the code, saved and opened it with Chrome. Still the same. And with Internet Explorer. Still nope.


When you open in Chrome or Internet Explorer, are they being served from a web server or are you just viewing the files as “file://”-based URLs?


Files. The project i’m working on isn’t done yet. Would that be whats causing this?


Ok, so weirdly enough, I switched to my laptop, and the widget worked just like that. But the follow button (adding in notepad) still just is a link with the words “follow andy7fold”, no button. Clicking the link brings me to my twitter profile.

This is the button I’m trying to use, by the way.

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