Trying to publish tweet: API says too long, but twitter-text says it's ok?



Upfront: not really sure where to post this.

I’ve a tweet which on twitter as well as using in our app using npms twitter-text package shows 13 characters left; yet when trying to publish it via the API, I get back the error: “Tweet needs to be bit shorter”.

Here’s tweet:

2 Minuten ⏰ 2 Millionen: Die Startup-Show von Puls 4 gibt es ab 30.1. im Stream auf @TrendingTopicsA zu sehen! 📺 wird alle Socialmedia-Postings mit dem Hashtag #2min2mio sammeln. So siehst du, was das Publikum zu sagen hat. 👧👨👌

Twitter shows 13 characters left:

But when I try to publish it:

I get a publishing error via the REST API too.



I just tried validating this with twitter-text in Javascript (minus the line breaks) and it comes out at 265 characters. Tweeting it via statuses/update also succeeds. I’m not certain why the carriage returns would cause issues here.