Trying to post tweets from multiple user accounts using one ColdFusion twitter app



Is it possible to authorize many user accounts to one Twitter application, allowing each Twitter account to write and read direct messages? I’ve been trying to achieve this using OAuth Tokens, but with no success.


Yes, this is absolutely possible. What libraries are you using?


I’m using MonkehTweet for ColdFusion. I was trying to built it on a Node.js app, but the authorization token that allows users to post and see DMs rotates between users that are logged in at the same time. In other words, a user is logged in and issued an authentication token, then a second user logs in and is issued the same authentication token. I’m willing to work with either technology as long as I can get it working.

EDIT: I was also using the twitter module for Node.js. Here’s the git repo:


If a second user logs in then it is impossible for them to be issued “the same” token - tokens are specific to user accounts. If the ColdFusion stuff you are using differs then this is a library issue not a Twitter issue.


You’re right. I misunderstood that issue for something else. It seems to be working now. Thanks!