Trying to post .gif ends in Internal Server Error


I tried tweeting the above .gif and got internal server error. Can you help figuring out why?


The file size is over the 3MB limit for images that are attached to Tweets. That would be one reason, although I would have expected to see a more readable message. I’ll pass this along to the Media Platform team to see if there’s anything funny about it.


The system said the file limit was 5MB and when I got it under that it gave me the internal server error.


:frowning: I have the same problem, but my gif is 990KB and still can’t upload it :((


@Mindfield_Games The new file size limit is 5 MB for tweet gifs. It was 3 MB previously. Could you confirm that your gif is 335 x 210 pixels? If possible, please post a url link to your gif file. Posting image to this forum modifies it so I don’t have access to your original gif file.

@CthyllaDsk I replied to your thread. Please could you post a link to your gif file?

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