Trying to get web intents to fire


I’m trying to get the analytics to work on my tweet button, and while the biding function fires, neither of the intents do.

Here’s my button code (from the webpart):


and below is my js code, from the master page inside the CMS.

What am I doing wrong?


Hi @MonicaEvanchik,
The events will only work for the web intent popups if you are using widgets.js to automatically open the web intent popups for you. To be more specific, you have widgets.js included on your page, and you have links on your page to resources like:

A tweet!

Can you provide a link, or confirm that this is the way your page is setup.


Hi Ian,

my button code looks like this:



If you view the source on this page, you’ll see how it’s set up:


I should also say that we took out the intents code when it looked like it wasn’t working…but ideally we still need to be able to use the code.


So are you saying (based on your first response) that I need to change my button code so that it includes “” instead of “”? Does the class need to change as well?