Trying to get a single aar library



When I build the Android SDK, it creates many aar files. I am trying to get 1 single aar file that includes all dependancies. Any tips on how to accomplish this? Thank you


Hi @vbisbest,

Thanks for reaching out!

Now that we have modularized our SDK, we offer the MoPub full SDK as well as modularized versions. The modularized versions allow you to decrease your overall SDK footprint in your app by implementing only the ad formats you want to work with.

Depending on the formats you want to work with, you can choose to integrate the full AAR or a modularized version.

You can find more information on our GitHub page.

If you are looking for support for all formats, we recommend integrating the full SDK via JCenter by adding the following to your build.gradle.

repositories {

dependencies {
    compile('com.mopub:mopub-sdk:4.11.0@aar') {
        transitive = true


Thank you Jackie. Unfortunately this does not help. I do not have a app that I am working with. I am trying to make a library. Are you up for some consulting work? Please let me know, I need to get this library asap. Thanks!