Trying to figure out the url/procedure to authenticate App


Hi. I’m creating an Hybrid Mobile app, which uses Cordova InAppBrowser plugin to send user to twitter page, where he should grant my app permission to access his/her account.

Here’s a thing which I really don’t understand, even though I just went through all Docs…

  1. Sending him directly to without any extra parameters (using in-app-browser), doesn;t bring a thing.
  2. Do I need to request_token ( first?
  3. I really thought I would just call the authorize url with Consumer Key of my app and get a token or equivalent back.

So, can someone please tell me where can I find a proper example on how to generate an url so that a person will authorize app I’ve created on and twitter will return a response afterwards?

Goes the procedure like:

  1. request_token
  2. authorize
  3. start using api?

Thank you all and regards :slightly_smiling: