Truncated tweets with media



When a long tweet has media, like a photo or a video, the retrevided status by Tweepy in Python is truncated so that the text contains the link and still be less than 140 characters.

See for example this tweet, which is clearly not a retweet (this is in Farsi):

The retrieved text is “برای ادای احترام به #آتش_نشانان فداکاروشجاع و عرض تسلیت و خسته نباشید به #آتش_نشان های عزیز به ایستگاه های…”.

How do I get the full text of such tweets via Python?

Thanks for the help!


If the truncated value is true, then use tweet_mode=extended to retrieve the complete Tweet object.


Great! Works like a charm.