Truncated tweet



Please, i have a complementary question about : Tweets still truncated?

So if i understood, in REST API, we get the tweet text with (let’s say “tweet” is a JSON) :

Then if we add the parameter : tweet_mode=extended, then ‘text’ is removed and replaced with :

In STREAM API, with default parameters, tweets contains :
tweet.text, and sometimes : tweet.extended_tweet.full_text
i read this is for “backwards compatibility purposes.”

Is there a parameter for stream API to force extended tweet mode ?
Otherwise should i code this in JS if i read both STREAM and REST tweets ?

let text = tweet.extended_tweet?tweet.extended_tweet.full_text:tweet.full_text?tweet.full_text:tweet.text;


No, there is not. The streaming API delivers extended Tweets with both formats.