Truncated text and media entities not returned



I have a tweet and when trying to get it using, 2 things are happening:

  1. The text is truncated, so I can get the full text copy
  2. The media entities are not attached into the response so I cannot get the image url

Is this a bug on twitter side or intended? And if intended, how can I get the full text and the media entities?

Here you can find the json (I have omitted the last part as it is not relevant to this issue)


Add tweet_mode=extended to the url


Is this documented somewhere? Thanks by the way for the quick answer


Yes, currently this is in the Upcoming changes to Tweets documentation, but we will be adding the new options on the individual API endpoints shortly. Note that the replies changes described in that page are not yet live.


A related follow-up question. I have an application that looks for videos in tweets returned by hashtag search. Hitherto, I’ve been (A) doing the hashtag search, and (B) doing a status lookup for each returned tweet, in order to get at the extended_entities and hence the video. However, I’ve just come across a case similar to frangarcia’s, in which data for a status from (A) had “truncated”: true, but there was no extended_entities data for this status in (B).

When I add tweet_mode=extended to the URL in (A) for the particular hashtag in question, it looks as though all the status data in (A) includes the extended_entities, and hence that there is no need for stage (B).

Does that now apply in all cases: to retrieve videos in tweets on any given hashtag all I have to do is add the extra tweet_mode URL query parameter in (A), and there’s no longer any need for (B)?

Thanks in advance


Yes, that should be the case - if your app is able to handle the new Tweet format then you can go ahead and request extended mode on all of your requests.


A couple of clarifications: (1) the tweet in question had a video associated with it when looked at on the web or in the app but there was no extended_entities section in the returned JSON; (2) I’m not interested in tweets referring to the same video, just the set of distinct videos.



In that case, was the video from a Twitter card (e.g. a YouTube link), or was it a promoted video from our Amplify / Media Studio platform? (in the latter case you might see a video link in the form amp.twitter…) - in both cases there would be no extended_entities in the Tweet.

Unable to determine if a tweet created from Twitter Ads Composer includes a video

Whoops, you answered while I was writing the clarification! OK, that works for me. Thanks.


(Did it again!) To be precise, it was: Is that either of the cases you mention? Doesn’t seem so. But I get extended_entities for this status in the hashtag search data when I add tweet_mode=extended


That seems to be a Tweet with native Twitter video, so I would expect to see extended_entities in that case.