Troubles with Twitter API integration



I’ve just tried to implement the Twitter API using the Fabric Desktop client and the integrated documentation.

a) the code is outdated Swift 2.
b) it’s not working. I can’t express it better since it’s literally all that is to say.
Running the example code throws lldb.

I have set up a github project:
It literally just uses the code from the docu.

@bonnell - tagging you in hope it’s your field. Like your support.

PS: I’ll find another way to implement it, I just wanted to let you guys know, that the docu is completely useless like that.


Thanks for the feedback and sorry to hear you’re having issues, we will be sure to review.

Can I ask exactly what you’re trying to do - are you implementing sign-in, Tweet display, or something else?


Wanted to implement auth to receive tokens -> to be able to receive and push Tweets.