Troubles to manage the tweets collected in a .json file with TextWrangler


Hello everyone,

I got a bunch of tweets with the Search API by entering geolocalization and key words through the Terminal, but I’m having problems to save them directly in a .json, or even in a text file; either I get the following message: “{“errors”:[{“message”:“Timestamp out of bounds”,“code”:135}]}”, or I have all the tweets on one single line which does not enable me to manage them, since I would need every tweet to start on a new line each time… I don’t know what seems to influence these results… Is it a problem which can be solved in the way I collect the tweets, or is it more of a programming problem, and thus not a problem I should deal with in here? How do you manage to collect a usable corpus of tweets with geo and key words with this technique? An example of such a request to enter in the Terminal would be very helpful, since I’m kind of a newbie in computing…

Thanks a lot in advance for any suggestion you may have.

Don’t hesitate to tell me if I haven’t made myself clear enough.