Trouble with Twitter Cards



Having a lot of trouble getting Twitter cards to work. Validator tool tells us “Page fetched successfully, 2 metatags found, but WARNING: NOT WHITELISTED” - however it does not offer a request for approval button and I cannot find a link to submit to whitelist. How can we whitelist our site/posts ASAP? Please help! Thanks :wink:


Check through the pinned troubleshooting topic for guidance. 2 metatags sounds like the Twitter card markup is not being found.


Thanks, here’s a screenshot with page source showing 5 twitter meta tags:

What would be causing problems?


Do those appear when fetched with the Twitterbot user-agent?

Assuming that your site is I’m seeing validation errors because the page results are too large.

I’d recommend working through the troubleshooting steps. We have additional advice on our developer website.


The validator says my twitter card was fetched successfully and is whitelisted, however when I tweet, I no longer see the card.


ok never mind lol. looks like it’s working now. at first the tweet was blank where the image should’ve been.

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