Trouble with new timeline widget


Hi at last time i used old twitter widget for search twits. Code for searching twits looks like this

new TWTR.Widget({
version : 2,
type : ‘search’,
id : ‘id’,
search : ‘query string’,
interval : 6000,
title : ‘title’,
subject : ‘subject’,
width : ‘auto’,
height : 300,
theme : {
shell: {
background : ‘#ffffff’,
color : ‘#333333
tweets: {
background : ‘#ffffff’,
color : ‘#444444’,
links : ‘#237791
features: {
scrollbar : true,
loop : false,
live : true,
hashtags : true,
timestamp : true,
avatars : true,
toptweets : true,
behavior : ‘all’

If i use this widget i got next message in console:
"TWITTER WIDGET: This widget is being deprecated, and will cease functioning soon. <>
widget.js  TWITTER WIDGET: You can obtain a new, upgraded widget from < >"

So i decided to use new widget. But every time when i need to do new query i must create new widget on Do exists way to do search with new widget like i do it with old widget (without widget-id)? May be exit way to generate permanent widget-id for all query?


It’s not possible at this time to dynamically alter search terms in the new embedded timeline widgets – you’re right in that you have to manually create each one.


Thank you for answer. Do you plan to add this possibilities in future?