Trouble with manual install of twitterkit 3.0.3


I followed the instructions for Install Twitter Kit Manually here (

When I build the project, it fails with this error when it tries to copy the TwitterKitResources.bundle:
error: /Users/jaiheel/workspace/twitter-kit-apple/TwitterKit/Artifacts/TwitterKitManual//TwitterKit.framework/TwitterKitResources.bundle: No such file or directory

I have no idea who or what /Users/jaiheel is or why it would be trying to install something in that folder. Is there anyway to fix this?


The problem is TwitterKitResources.bundle is Symbolic link, not exact file. I hope Twitter Developers will replace that file with exact once ASPS.


I am getting the exact same message after following the manual install instructions you link to. Hope a fix is forthcoming…


Thank you for the issue report. We are looking into the issue and will update this thread when it is resolved.


This issue has been resolved, please download the package again: link


Yep, the new files in the download resolved the problem. Thanks.


Thank you! It works now.