Trouble with app cards for apps that do not have ratings in the App Store


My company has a lot of apps. I’ve managed to get twitter cards working for most of these, but some fail the validator (red dot), but do not report any other errors. The thing I find in common among the apps that fail is that they don’t have enough ratings in the App Store yet.

This theory is bolstered by the validator’s sample, which says:

{{star_rating}}/5.0 stars - {{num_ratings}} ratings

As though some piece of code that was supposed to do a substitution did not run.

Here is an example that passes validation:

And here is an example of one that fails:

Is my diagnosis correct? Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround?


I was able to work around the problem by going to each of the not-yet-rated apps and giving them a rating. So I’d say that my diagnosis is correct, but the workaround is pretty benign. (I suspect most developers give themselves a 5-star review as a matter of course, which is why this is not a more prevalent issue.)


Not so fast. OK, so by giving these guys a rating, I was able to get them by the validator. However, they still are not appearing as Cards when I tweet them. For example,

That one now validates, but when I tweet it, the mobile twitter app does not show it as a card. I’ve left it as a tweet on our @supportkaoncom account.

Is there, perhaps, some kind of caching going on that I need to wait to clear?


Looks like this was either a caching issue, or someone on twitter’s end fixed something, but the problem is now resolved!


We get the red dot, yet everything else has a green dot, the domain is approved and we get the preview. We also see the following as part of the preview {{star_rating}}/5.0 stars - {{num_ratings}} ratings

Tweeting the following doesn’t work for us…

Any help would be gratefully received. Nice Apps btw!


Thanks. The fix for the ratings problem is simply to give it a rating. Go to that app on one of your development iPads, and give yourself 5 stars. You deserve it! :slight_smile:

After that, it takes about a day for twitter to notice, and then you’ll get the green dot. At least, that was my experience.

It took two more days for the card to start working in Twitter. As I said, I don’t know if there was manual intervention, or if it was just a time passing thing.


Thanks for sharing what worked for you, @supportkaoncom.

I’ve opened an internal ticket to get the no ratings issue investigated.


@theSeanCook, This problem is still persisting. What was the outcome of the ratings issue ticket?