Trouble to create a Twitter bot



In my spreadsheet excel table file, I succeed in running in the bot “preview output” but when i set up the script editor, and then try to set up “authenticate Twitter”, it’s not working and the error message is : Script is using OAuthConfig which has been shut down. Learn more at (ligne 222, fichier “”).

I understood the problem is linked to OAuth configuration however I have generated the Access Token and configured my permission acess to “read, write and acess direct messages”. When I launched TestOAuth, the only field I haven’t filled is “Request query”…

I thank you in advance if you can help me and wish a nice day,


It looks like you’ll need to follow the instructions in that Google article to migrate away from using OAuthConfig in your spreadsheet script, to one of their new solutions.


Thank you for your answer. I tried to follow the indicate steps but still have an Oauth problem. I think I have to insert code in my Google script but don’t know how… I will continue to search a solution.