Trouble Embedding Tweets


We are using embedded tweets ( on our wordpress sites ( Sometimes it works perfectly, other times not. Examples of both can be seen on the home page community feed. Has anyone else experienced this problem?


This issue is persisting. It can be seen in the community feed at, or for a series of successful and unsuccessful embeds,


Many thanks in advance for any help!


Hi there,

Looking at the page you shared, it seems that some of the embedded Tweets blockquote codes do not have a class=“twitter-tweet” class name. As a result, they won’t be initialized by the script.

You need to ensure that they embed code doesn’t get modified by your CMS. Hope that helps.




Olhando para a página que você compartilhou, parece que alguns dos tweets incorporados blockquote códigos não têm uma classe = “twitter-tweet” nome da classe. Como resultado, eles não vão ser inicializado pelo script.

Você precisa se certificar de que eles inserir o código não se modificado por seu CMS. Espero que ajude.


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Sometimes there is a problem with http:// and https://, it seems to work better without it. You can also try the HTML editor window to put the code in.

Other than that you just need to use the full embed code from Twitter.