Trouble connecting to Twitter Streaming API


I’m seeing that I was unable to reconnect to the Twitter Streaming API yesterday, Aug 21, 2013. At 9:50 am EST I see that I received no activity from the stream for a little over a minute and my process automatically disconnects and attempts to reconnect. However the process was unable to reconnect giving me an error code 401 until about 10:32pm EST when the problem seems to have been resolved and I was able to successfully reconnect. I’m not seeing any news or postings about this downtime, unless it’s related to the Embedded twitter timeline issues ( and the Twitter Feed issues (

Any information that can enlighten me would be greatly appreciated.


I just had the same problem again from 2pm EST to 4pm EST. I’m not sure what the issue is. I would really like some help determining what the problem is. I see a green status for the API Health, and I’m currently getting data from the Twitter stream. Was there some maintenance going on from 2-4?


We’re investigating some related issues we’re hearing about network connectivity from some regions and ISPs. This sounds similar to issues others are experiencing. Thanks for the feedback.